To utilize the Satta Matka Final Number Chart, follow these steps:
Begin with Yesterday's Pair: Start by considering the pair of numbers that appeared in the previous day's game. Let's say the pair was 88.
Calculate the Total: Add the two numbers of yesterday's pair together. In this case, 8 + 8 equals 16.
Find the Final Number: To determine the final number, focus on the last digit of the total. In our example, the last digit of 16 is 6.
Consult the Matka Final Number Chart: Now, refer to the Matka Final Number Chart to find the numbers associated with the final number, which in this case is 6. These numbers can be played in both the open and close rounds of the Satta Matka game.
It's essential to note that this approach is based on a fixed formula and is claimed to be approximately 80% accurate. However, please exercise caution and responsible gaming while participating in such activities, as gambling may be subject to legal restrictions in various regions.


Open To Close 2-3-5-9

Open To Close 3-5-7-9

Open To Close 0-2-6-8

Open To Close 2-1-8-9

Open to Close 4-3-6-7

Open to Close 2-4-6-7

Open To Close 0-3-6-8

Open to Close 0-5-6-8

Open To Close 1-4-7-8